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L'Aquila print

The earthquake in L'Aquila and Abruzzo region


On April 6 2009 an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 hit the Italian region of Abruzzo with its epicentre near L' Aquila killing 308 people and injuring around 1500. Around 65000 people were made homeless. Although some reconstruction took place the historic town is still cordoned off to its citizens. The video below shows the citizens of L'Aquila reclaiming their historic centre.


In February 2010, Europa Nostra’s Council officially supported Italia Nostra’s campaign calling for the rebuilding of historic L’Aquila to allow residents to return home. Subsequently, our President Plácido Domingo launched, on the eve of his world-wide live broadcast of “Rigoletto in Mantova”, an urgent appeal to save L’Aquila and the surrounding distinctive villages still awaiting repair after the April 2009 earthquake.


Watch citizens of L'Aquila entering the Historic Town Centre





We, L'Aquila: citizens empowered by digital technologies

Plácido Domingo: "The historic heart of L'Aquila must be saved"

Protect the historic town centre of L'Aquila

Safeguarding Europe's historic small towns and villages and their surrounding landscapes




PDF Icon Appeal for the Legal Protection of the Historic Town Centre of L'Aquila

PDF Icon Italia Nostra for L'Aquila

PDF Icon Taormina declaration “Safeguarding Europe’s Historic Small Towns and Villages and their Surrounding Landscapes”




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